On Women Only Space

It is under male oppression that women recognize the need to organize and gather together to create rape crisis centres, transition houses and women centres — women only spaces.  Consciousness raising gave us our collective voice.  Grouping with women who share the same life experience in women-only space is still our most valuable tool to redefine, validate and guide our struggle for our own liberation.

On Women-Only Space 

Feminism in the Transition House:Pauline Funston (Published in Canadian Woman Studies, Vol 20, No 3, 2000)

Christmas Eve in the Transition House by Lee Lakeman (December 2000)

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BILL C-16: Vancouver Rape Relief's Submission to the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs (May 2017)

Discrimination Against Women in the Name of Inclusion: A Statement From Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter

Nixon vs Rape Relief Society 

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