The Supreme Court of Canada granted a stay of proceedings to battered woman Nicole Ryan. She will not be prosecuted for her attempts to defend herself from her abusive husband.

“… the abuse which she suffered at the hands of Mr. Ryan took an enormous toll on her, as, no doubt, have these protracted proceedings, extending over nearly five years, in which she was acquitted at trial and successfully resisted a Crown appeal in the Court of Appeal. There is also the disquieting fact that, on the record before us, it seems that the authorities were much quicker to intervene to protect Mr. Ryan than they had been to respond to her request for help in dealing with his reign of terror over her… it is an exceptional situation that warrants an exceptional remedy. In all of the circumstances, it would not be fair to subject Ms. Ryan to another trial. In the interests of justice, a stay of proceedings is required to protect against this oppressive result.”

Read Judgment of the Supreme Court of Canada - R. v. Ryan – January 18, 2013

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