Program - Montreal Massacre Memorial 2014

Saturday, December 6, 2014 - Vancouver Public Library (350 W Georgia)


Roundtable room

Lecture room

Multimedia room


Changing the landscape: 

Resisting Violence against Women and the Destruction of the Earth 

With Betty Krawczyk, 

Deep Green Resistance

Melina Laboucan-Massimo

and more


Rebreaking the silence – on fathers raping their girls (aka incest)

Sargie Kaler, MA, RCC, CCC.

& Louisa Russell, VRRWS


Documentary Film

Duma (55 Min.)

Abeer Zeibak Hadad,

Israel/ Palestine, 2011,


Hilla Kerner, VRRWS



The Moazami Trial: How men use coercion and control to trap girls into prostitution

Lawyer Gwendoline Allison,

Journalist Mi-Jung Lee

& Samantha Grey, VRRWS


What do we want for battered women and how will we get it?

With Irene Tsepnopoulos-Elhaimer, WAVAW 

Angela Marie MacDougal, BWSS

Lisa Rupert, YWCA Monroe House 

and more


The New Lessons from the Montreal Massacre   

Lee Lakeman                  

& Lenore Gough, VRRWS



Women and children are hungry: Where is the state and  how can we get women fed?

With Single Mother's Alliance BC

The Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC,

Vancouver Committee for Workers' and Caregivers' Rights

and more 


Beyond Bill C-36:

Which Way Forward in the Fight for the Abolition of Prostitution?

With Trisha Baptie, EVE 

Asian Women Coalition Ending Prostitution

Dr. Erin Graham

and more  


Roots and Wings of Sexist Backlash Against Women in Trades & Technology

DrMarcia Braundy

& Jacquie Lewis, VRRWS


Aboriginal Women: Speaking up for ourselves

with members of Warriors Orgenizing Women A



Challenging Rape Culture on Campus and Beyond

Prof. Mary-Anne Kandrack

& Elizabeth Wolber, VRRWS


A National Inquiry in a Neoliberal Era: 

Murdered Aboriginal Women and Lessons Learned from the Oppal Inquiry

With Fay Blaney

Lee Lakeman

Hilla Kerner, VRRWS 

and more



ArTalk: Portrayal of Women's Victimhood and Resistance 

Film Maker               Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers

 Photographer        Cherry Smiley

 Poet                    Sheri-D Wilson

 Louisa Russell  VRRWS


Understanding Canadas new prostitution law (bill C-36)

Prof. Janine Benedet

& Lisa Steacy, VRRWS


From the 2nd to 3rd Feminist wave:

Mapping the uprising, strategizing the revolution.

With Frieda Werden 

Guerrilla Feminist Collective

Meghan Murphy

and more




Between A Rock and Hard Place: Women escaping male violence seeking refuge in Canada

Rosa Elena Arteaga, BWSS

Alejandra Lopez, Sanctuary Health

Suzanne BaustadActivist and Legal worker 

& Daisy Kler, VRRWS


Reducing Violence against Women through Guaranteed Livable Income

Dr. Almaz Zelleke     (via skype)

& Katie Striebel, VRRWS

5:30 Closing Words