Obsession with Intent: Violence Against Women (2005)

[Description of the Book by Black Rose Books]

Obsession, With Intent [by Lee Lakeman] is an investigative report into cases of -violence against women; in all cases the women tried to get help from the system. It is a harrowing account of individual women’s stories, their understanding of the danger they faced, their attempts to get help and, in those cases where someone was willing to prosecute, their vulnerability under/within the law. It reviews 911 procedure, from how the emergency operator evaluates the call, to the police (how, or if, they collect evidence), to prosecuting attorney, to court, to sentencing.

Among the many narratives are “domestic dispute” cases, sexual assault cases and cases of murder. The landmark decision in the case of Jane Doe, who fought for and won the right to sue the Toronto police force for the way in which they routinely dealt with rape victims, is examined, as are a number of sexual assault cases—some high-profile, some occurring more than 40 years ago. Accounts of the serial killers Bernardo and Picton are chilling, as are the other numerous accounts of impending murder. (As early as 1997 Picton had been charged with confining, and repeatedly stabbing, Wendy Lynn Eisteler, but charges were dropped and Picton released; the prosecutor judged that there was no likelihood of a conviction—the victim was “a drug-addicted prostitute.” Thirty more women would die.)

Recognizing that violence against women is one of the strongest indicators of prevailing societal attitudes toward women, Obsession, With Intent screams out for social change regarding violence against women at the individual, the institutional and the political level.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Prologue: The Heron Case
  • The Background of Relations Between the Canadian Government and the Canadian Women's Movement
  • Decriminalizing Violence Against Women and Criminalizing Women's Self Defence
  • Pickton, the Police, the Pig Farm and the Missing Women
  • Bernardo and Pickton: Making the Cases of Monsters
  • The Strength of Frontline Feminist Experience
  • Power Politics Not of Our Making: The Giant in Our Midst
  • R v. Tyhurst and Gorman v. Tyhurst
  • Staying in Charge While Using Professional Advice
  • The Money Story: Who Owns the Dam and Controls the Flow of the River
  • Action-Oriented and Participatory Research: Pulling One Another Out of the River … One by One
  • Equality Seeking: Let's Go Up the River and Get the Guys Who are Throwing Women In
  • Nellie Nippard's Story
  • Jane Doe and The Charter from the CASAC Point of View
  • An International Discussion: Violence and Equality
  • Discussion of Equality and Sexist Violence in the UN, Post Beijing
  • Does Trade Trump Rights? World Trade Organization (WTO) and the UN
  • The Trafficked Chinese Boat Women of Fujian Province
  • The Bottom Line: The Loss of the Women's Welfare
  • A Global Economy: The Promotion of Prostitution
  • The Basic Social Unit: Enforcing the Private Domain and Upholding the Patriarchal Family After Divorce
  • The Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Bonnie Mooney's Story
  • Local Documents Reviewed: 911; Police; Prosecutor; Court; Sentencing
  • May/Iles and Hadley Wife Murders and the Use of Coroner's Courts
  • What 100 Women Say About Emergency Response
  • 100 Women Assess Initial Police Response
  • 911 Death By Indifference in Winnipeg
  • Preparing the Case: The Detective's Job Determining the Crime
  • David Hilton Junior, Convicted March 2001, Sentence Seven Years
  • Former Nova Scotia Premier, Gerald Regan and Eighteen Sex Related Charges
  • Just For Laughs: From Guilty Plea to Unconditional Discharge
  • How Does the System Prevent Convictions in Cases of Violence Against Women?
  • What is the Connection to Women's Rights and Violence Against Women?
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Some Key Recommendations Arising from the Local Document Review and the Cases of Another 100 Women
  • References

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