Lectures and Panels - Montréal Massacre Memorial 2015

Lectures and Panels


Bill C-36, One year later: Lessons from Manitoba

Diane Redsky, Shoal Lake Nation, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, Winnipeg

Keira Smith-Tague, VRRWS



Creating Alternative Platforms for Feminist Analysis

Hilla Kerner, VRRWS

Lierre Keith Deep Green Resistance

Journalist Meghan Murphy, Feminist Current



When He Says She Consented: Countering the Defence of Rapists

Professor Emerita Christine Boyle, Q.C., UBC Faculty of Law 

Leanore Gough, VRRWS



Seizing Our Resistance: Women Fight Back against Male Violence.

Daisy Kler, VRRWS

Janet Merlo, Former RCMP officer and leading plaintiff in the class action case against the RCMP for sexual harassment

Sam Krop, Warrior Sisters Society



Paid For: The Personal- Political Fight against Prostitution

Author Rachel Moran, Survivor of Prostitution, Ireland

Jessica Dieuique, VRRWS



Rendered Invisible: Advocating for the Women in the Ivan Henry Case

Louisa Russell, VRRWS

Lawyer Gwendoline Allison

Emma Cunliffe, Associate Professor, UBC School of Law

Lawyer Micheal Vonn



Male Violence Against Aboriginal Women

Fay BlaneyXwemalhku Nation, WOW (Warriors Organizing Women), Aboriginal Women’s Action Network (AWAN)

Lisa Steacy, VRRWS