Friday, July 6, 2012

I Pledge to End Rape! from Vancouver Rape Relief.



The Pledge
Women are equal human beings with complete autonomy over their sexuality and with inherent rights to dignity, equality, and liberty. Therefore I (insert name)



Complete Your Pledge by Starting a Monthly Donation Now:

1. Direct Deposit

2. Donate online with PayPal or Credit Card

3. Post dated Cheques made out to Vancouver Rape Relief 
PO Box 21562, 1424 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5L 5G2
Make sure you include your address for a charitable tax return

How Much Should I Give Per Month?

It's up to you! If you are looking for a rough guide . . . many men choose to give 2 hours pay per month i.e. if you earn $15 per hour then make a donation of $30 per month.

What Else Can I do to Help?

Share this video with friends online or print this postcard and ask men to take the pledge too.

Together We Will End Rape In Greater Vancouver!