City of Vancouver withdraws support for our public education work

Sunday, March 1, 2020

On February 26, 2020 Vancouver city council voted against continuing its financial support of our public education work. The city council utterly disregarded the compelling statements made by Vancouverites about the importance of our work and the rationale for women-only organizing and women-only space. 

Although we are critical and disappointed by the city council decision, we are in no way defeated. On the contrary.

We are encouraged by those who spoke on the day in favour of our work and the political principles guiding us. As well, by the hundreds who expressed similar sentiments in their letters to council members. We are also grateful to the many who have donated to us, ensuring that we can carry on and even expand our public education efforts.

Watch the submission made by our collective members Ashani and Karla (read transcript)

Watch the submission made by our lawyer Gwendoline Allison (read her letter) 

Watch the submissions made by our supporters

Watch the entire hearing