Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A note of appreication from a caller's daughter who worked with a team on creating this video about violence against women with the Youth Philanthropy Project (YPI)

To the Staff and Volunteers of Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter,

Thank you for allowing us to gather all the information that we did.
We ended up making it past 3 levels into the finals.
We did not win. I am so sorry. We tried soooo hard!
Through this journey I have had a lot of closure to some bad times in my life.
It was an honor to meet people from your charity.
When I was 7 years old I ended up seeing my father push my mom down
the stairs and
then throw a candle at her. We ran to my room crying and she phoned the police-
they said he could just stay downstairs. We were terrified, my mommy
then called YOUR
charity and honestly it made us feel better knowing someone was there for us.
You were my hero, I have a dream about that night almost every night.
I shared my story with the school in the finals for the YPI. I made
people cry and realize
that it can happen to anyone but there ARE people who are there to help!
Everyone there saw by the end of it that all of you are heroes to so
many people!
You are all a hero to me and my family.
I have boys in my school come up to me and say- wow Angel, hearing
that I will never abuse my spouse.
In my books this is what this assignment was all about. So as I see
it, we WERE successful!
Thank you for everything you have done!
If there is any way I can help your charity in any way please feel
free to let me know.

Please forward this message to anyone you find suitable.
If you would like to see the youtube video we made on your charity
here is the link :