RCMP Sued for Man's Shooting Rampage

Heather Sokoloff,
National Post,
March 3, 2001


A judge is now weighing evidence in the case of a British Columbia woman who is suing the RCMP and the government for not protecting her from a shooting rampage by her ex-husband that killed her best friend stud wounded her daughter. 

Bonnie Moonie said she told police about a history of domestic violence and her fear of her common law husband, Roland Kruska. 

She sued members of the Prince George RCMP, the solicitor-general of Canada, and the B.C. attorney general in a two-week civil trial that ended yesterday. The judge told the court not to expect a decision until the end of April. 

Ms. Moonie said Mr. Kruska, 47, chased her through Prince George in his car in March 1996. She ran into the RCMP office seeking help, but said she never got it. 

Mr. Kruska broke into Ms. Mooney's home in April 1996, killed her friend, Hazel White, and shot Mooney's daughter, Michelle, who was 12 years old at the time, with a sawed-off shotgun. He than set the house on fire and shot himself to death. 

Ms. Mooney escaped through a window, saying she believed Mr. Kruska only wanted to harm her. 

Michelle managed to escape along with Ms. Mooney's younger daughter through a bathroom window. 

Rebecca Jones, an RCMP clerk In Prince George at the time, testified last week in B.C. Supreme Court that Ms. Mooney appeared terrified when she filed a conplaint at the police station following the car chase. "Her hands were shaking so violently, she was crying and her voice was shaky," Ms. Jones said. Ms. Mooney said she wanted a restraining order. 

An internal investigation by the Mounties found Constable Craig Andrichuk did not conduct a thorough investigation, but he has remained on full duty since the incident.


Mr. Andrichuk said he did not recall Ms. Mooney telling police she was scared Mr. Kruska was going to kill her that day, nor did she report any threats or violence or appear terrified.


Less than six months before the car chase, Mr. Kruaka tried to strangle her. He was sentenced to 18 days in jail. 

Defence lawyer George Carruthers argued in opening submissions last week that Ms. Mooney was "the author of her own misfortune." He argued Ms. Mooney should have left Mr.Kruska at the beginning of the relationship, when Ms, Mooney already believed he would kill her.