Rape Crisis Workers Take Action to Respond to Stanley Park Beating

Rape Crisis workers from Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter were in Stanley Park to leaflet and talk to women in response to the vicious beating of Ji-Won Park. The young Korean woman was attacked, strangled and beaten as she was jogging in the park on Monday evening, May 27, 2002.  

Teams of women organized by the rape crisis centre began their leafleting at the Stanley Park bus loop. We invited women from the community to join with us to resist the fear that this attack has caused and use our anger to assert women's right to be safe in public areas.

Women urged to use Stanley Park despite attack

Vik Adhopia reports for CBC Radio News 

Vancouver- A Vancouver women's crisis centre is encouraging women to keep going to Stanley Park following this week's brutal attack on a young Korean ESL student. 

Volunteers handed out leaflets and put up posters in the park on Wednesday night, giving safety tips for women. 

"The way to make public spaces safe for women is to have a lot of women out all the time," says spokesperson Suzanne Jay. "we will pay attention to each other . We will intervene if it's safe to intervene." 

One woman who took that advice is June Smith. She was one othe people who found the 22 -year-old jogger barely conscious in a ditch next to a trail on Monday evening. 

Smith kept checking the young woman's pulse as another person tried CPR before paramedics arrived. 

She says the attack doesn't change her view of Vancouve'rs most popular park. "It's very peaceful and you can enjoy the wildlife. I come and get my exercise. I just love it." she says. The young student remains in hospital and is now semi-conscious. 

Robert Gary Wallin, 25, has been charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault. 

Police say it was a random attack, and because of that, have no plans to step up security in the park.