Press Release: Vancouver Rape Relief is Outraged by B.C. Supreme Court Decision in Ivan Henry Civil Lawsuit

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Vancouver, B.C. – This morning, B.C. Supreme Court delivered its judgement granting Henry $8,000,000.

Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter is outraged by Chief Justice Hinkson’s speculation that if Henry had received the crown’s “disclosure to which he was entitled, the likely result would have been his acquittal at his 1983 trial,”

Louisa Russell, spokeswomen for Vancouver Rape Relief: “Chief Justice Hinkson refused to address the question of Henry’s guilt in this civil trial and would not allow evidence to be brought forward, or any victim to testify. When the B.C. Supreme Court of Appeal acquitted Henry in 2010, it didn’t exonerate him. Henry was acquitted because his conviction was tainted of flawed process (aka wrongful conviction), not because he is innocent.” 


In March 1983, Ivan Henry was convicted of ten counts of sexual offence involving eight victims who were attacked in Vancouver in 1980-1982. Previous to that, Henry was convicted and jailed for attempted rape in Winnipeg.

In October 2010, Henry was acquitted by BC Court of Appeal because his conviction was tainted by a flawed process. It’s important to note acquittal does not mean innocence.  

In June 2011, Henry filed a civil law suit seeking compensation from the City of Vancouver and the Province of BC and Canada.

Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter has been supporting some of the victims whom Ivan Henry convicted of attacking since 1983.


Media Contact: Louisa Russell, 604-872-8212, louisar(at)