Escape an Abusive Man

Is a man in your life harassing you? Stalking you? Hitting you? Pushing you around? Threatening you? Calling you names? Stopping you from seeing your friends or leaving the house? Forcing you to have sex when you do not want to? Wants you to perform sexual acts for cash?

Has a man done any of these things to you recently or in the past? 

Call us at 604-872-8212.

We operates a transition house for women and their children and a 24hr rape crisis line for women who are trying to prevent or escape male violence.

All our services are free and confidential.

How you can use us:

Crisis Line – Call us anytime. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Peer counseling on demand (No waiting list) – Over the phone and face to face counseling to help you strategize and fight back.

Support group – Break the isolation and share your experience with other women.  

Transition House - Safe shelter for you and your children

Advocacy – We can provide you with information and resources for dealing with police, government ministries, courts, social workers and hospitals. We can join you to your appointments and proceedings for emotional support and advocacy.

Free Legal Clinic – Call us to book a consultation appointment with our lawyers.

Speakers, articles, and films on male violence against women available for your students, coworkers, family, friends, and lovers. We are interested in sharing our resources with other women and groups

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