Fleshmapping: vancouver markets pacific women, 2008

Flesh Mapping: vancouver markets pacific women
November 25 – December 10th, 2008


Background to Fleshmapping

December 3rd, 2008 Press Conference:Flesh Mapping Vancouver Markets Pacific Women Radio Clip

Flesh Mapping: Vancouver Markets Pacific Women Vancouver - 2008 Inside Look at the Process

Flesh Mapping:At the Gallery Gachet Inside Look at the Process

Examples of more then 50 sheets created for: Flesh Mapping Vancouver Markets Pacific Women 2008

Flesh Mapping: Vancouver Markets Pacific Women 2008 Video

A Feminist Definition of Abolition


Our project consisted of four elements:

Gallery Gachet - 88 East Cordova St.
Live Media Installation
Nov 25 – Dec 10th 2008

View the Gallery Gachet: Catalogue of bed sheets and Coordinator Artistic Statement
In a new genre public art praxis, guided by four local artists: Haruko Okano, Bettina Matzkuhn, Suzanne Rutchinski and Krista Tupper and collective members from Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter. Hosted by the collective at Gallery Gachet sixty women exhibited their view of Vancouver particulars about prostitution.

The Vancouver Art Gallery
An Artful Conversation between Pacific Rim women
Nov 25-Dec 10 2008

View the Vancouver Art Gallery program for: Fleshmapping: a Feminist Conversation.

Hosted by Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, 15 feminists organizers from around the Pacific Rim will gathered daily for two hours in artful discussion of the conditions of women, the marketing of women, the nature of pacific trade and the connections between prostitution in Vancouver and international trafficking in girls and women. This Pacific Rim information was linked by two-way live feed to the Vancouver installation at Gallery Gachet displayed on screens at both sites.

Vancouver Public Library
Dec 6, 2008
10am- 6pm

View the brochure for that particular year's December 6th Event to mark the Montréal Massacre. 

A Feminist Dinner Party
by invitation

The fourth element was a feminist dinner party uniting participants with other women of influence. In the spirit of Wack! Art and the Feminist Revolution women celebrated the achievements of artists and other activists and connect the current feminist initiative to end all forms of violence including prostitution and trafficking.


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