What can men do about sexist violence against women?

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Male Violence Against Women ~ What can Men do?

  • Believe women when they tell you about their experiences of sexism
  • Respect women's wishes about how they want their situation to be handled
  • Do your fair share of childcare and household chores
  • Don't pressure women for sex and tell your male friends to stop doing it
  • If you know a male friend or family member is violent or abusive to the women in his life, tell him to stop. Support him to get help and don't expect the women around you to do all of this work.
  • Stop telling sexist jokes
  • Stop using pornography
  • Stop using prostituted women
  • If you are violent towards women, get help to stop
  • Support your local rape crisis centre, transition house or women's centre, perhaps a woman you know will need us sometime.

These things are simple. Ending male violence against women isn't mysterious. It requires the combined effort of all of us to end rape, sexual assault and woman beating.

What can women do?