Women’s Waves – Episode 2: What women’s groups around the world are doing to abolish prostitution

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On this episode, we’re travelling to Mainz, Germany, where the 3rd World
Congress Against the Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls took place
early April 2019. It was hosted by CAP International, the Coalition for
the Abolition of Prostitution. Ashani and Sophia, collective members at
Vancouver Rape Relief, attended the congress and met with feminists from
all around the world. They interviewed women from different abolitionist
groups about prostitution laws in their country as well as their work
for the abolition of prostitution.

This episode features :
Sarah Benson, Ruhama (Ireland)
Valerie Pelletier, La CLES (Canada)
Ghada Jabour, Kafa (Lebanon)
Esohe Aghatise, Iroko Onlus (Italy)
Claire Quidet, Mouvement du Nid (France)
Cherie Jimenez, Eva Center (United-States)