Stats about Indigenous women in Canada

1. Indigenous women victims of homicide

While they represent only 4% of all women in Canada, indigenous women make up 22% (38 out of 173 women) of homicides perpetrated against women in 2017

Source: Statistics Canada. homicide victims, by Aboriginal identity


2. Indigenous women victims of male partner violence

Aboriginal women are more than three times as likely to be a victim of male’s partner violence in Canada than non-Aboriginal women.

Source: Statistics Canada, Victimization of Aboriginal people in Canada


3. Indigenous women victims of sexual harassment

10% of Indigenous women with a paid job in Canada experienced sexual harassment in the past year while among non-Indigenous women, 4% of women experienced sexual harassment in their work place in the past year.

Source: Statistics Canada, Harassment in Canadian workplaces


4. Hyper criminalization and incarceration of Indigenous women

Although Aboriginal women are only 4% of the population of women in Canada, they make up 42% of the population of women in prisons.

Source: Statistics Canada, Adult and youth correctional statistics in Canada


5. Food insecurity of Indigenous women

21% of Aboriginal women aged 15 and older live in households that experience food insecurity. 12% of Aboriginal women aged 15 and over reported that in the previous 12 months they had personally been hungry because they could not afford enough food.

More than half (53%) of Inuit women in Inuit Nunangat live in households that experienced food insecurity.

Source: Statistics Canada, First Nations, Métis and Inuit Women

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