Stats about Indigenous women in Canada

1. Indigenous women victims of homicide

While they represent only 4% of all women in Canada, indigenous women make up 28% (40 out of 144 women) of homicides perpetrated against women in 2019

Source: Statistics Canada. Number, percentage and rate of homicide victims, by sex and Aboriginal identity


2. Indigenous women victims of male partner violence

Aboriginal women are more than three times as likely to be a victim of male’s partner violence in Canada than non-Aboriginal women.

Source: Statistics Canada, Victimization of Aboriginal people in Canada


3. Indigenous women victims of sexual harassment

10% of Indigenous women with a paid job in Canada experienced sexual harassment in the past year while among non-Indigenous women, 4% of women experienced sexual harassment in their work place in the past year.

Source: Statistics Canada, Harassment in Canadian workplaces


4. Hyper criminalization and incarceration of Indigenous women

Although Aboriginal women are only 4% of the population of women in Canada, they make up 42% of the population of women in prisons.

Source: Statistics Canada, Adult and youth correctional statistics in Canada


5. Food insecurity of Indigenous women

21% of Aboriginal women aged 15 and older live in households that experience food insecurity. 12% of Aboriginal women aged 15 and over reported that in the previous 12 months they had personally been hungry because they could not afford enough food.

More than half (53%) of Inuit women in Inuit Nunangat live in households that experienced food insecurity.

Source: Statistics Canada, First Nations, Métis and Inuit Women

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