Feeding and Nurturing our Political Palate (2009)

Johanna Den Hertog - a founding member Keynote Speech at Rape Relief 35th Anniversary (2008)

Janet Torge - a founding member letter on the occasion of Vancouver Rape Relief's 35th Anniversary (2008)

35 Years of Collective Action and Collective Resistance: Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter 1973 – 2008 (2008)

Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter: A Short Funding Herstory by Alice Lee (2010) 

more about our herstory

Red Hot Video, the Wimmin's Fire Brigade and the struggle against pornography - A Info Radio Project Interview with Lee Lakeman, collective member August 29, 2012 listen

Vancouver Rape Relief Herstory - originally published in Kinesis (February 1981) read